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June Free Sheet Music: Carolina in the Morning

Updated: Jun 29

June 28th is Carolina Day! I learned all about it here:

I remember Carolina in the Morning fondly from my childhood; my mom used to sing it along with recordings by Jimmy Durante, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby and most famously, Al Jolson. It's fun to play and sing with lyrics like, "No one could be sweeter than my sweetie when I meet her..." and "Butterflies all flutter up and kiss each little buttercup...." How can you resist singing words like that?!

I arranged Carolina in the Morning for early intermediate piano, originally in my Songs of the Seasons: SUMMER book, but you can print it here for free for one year (so print it today!)

Here's a slow demonstration:

It's funny that Carolina in the Morning mentions morning glories, because currently I am wrangling with mine, trying to keep them from invading everything in my backyard, and even twining into my bedrooms through tiny openings in my walls and doors. They are a beautiful dark blue when they open up in the morning, and a lighter purple color in the evening when they wrinkle shut for the night. But I wouldn't recommend them to anyone, as they are extremely invasive, hearty and sneaky!

In other news, my Sixty and Me free video piano lessons which follow page by page through my Upper Hands Piano, BOOK 1 will be coming to a close next month. I have thoroughly enjoyed making these videos, but when they end with my 40th lesson, I'll be excited to have more time to post practice tips, information on music and the brain, worksheets, exercises and free sheet music on this blog once again. Thanks for subscribing and stay in touch because I'll be posting much more content in the second half of this year!

Here's an excerpt from my Songs of the Seasons: SUMMER book:

The summer solstice (June 20 this year) marks the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. With increased sunlight, we have more time to do the things we have been wanting to do. Summer is a time of energized growth and transformation. Just as the plants around us, we are in full bloom, opening to the light and colors that resonate within. There is great potential to learn and play with our extra hours.


-Open your mind to new music and new ways to play music

-Listen to new, unfamiliar styles of music as you prepare your meals

-Ask about, and listen to the music that your kids and/or grandkids like; find at

least three things you like about it, too

-Do some drumming on a table or countertop, or join a drum circle

-Get the sheet music to a style of music you’ve never played

-Record yourself playing and hear where you might add expression

-Practice on someone else’s piano

-Take a lesson with a different teacher

-Sing melodies in (and out of) the shower

-Play your music as though you were singing it

-Play as though you were painting a landscape

-Dance to a piece you are playing (then keep dancing to other music)

-Play the piano at night by candlelight

-Allow your body to sway with the music as you play

-Silence the critical voices within and just PLAY without judgment

-Put together a progression of four chords that you like

-Write a simple melody with lyrics

-Improvise ( ⬅️ click link for my post about Improvising)

Here's hoping you have a beautiful transition to summer this month, and that you enjoy singing, "Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning...." With love and music, Gaili

P.S. To learn more about my instruction books for older adults visit UpperHandsPiano.com. On that website you can also find my instruction books for teens and adults called Piano Powered. And for intermediate/advance pianists, check out my sheet music songbooks at TheMusicRemedy.com. Thanks for supporting my free monthly sheet music giveaways with your purchases 🤍

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