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Piano Instruction Books and Songbooks 
for Bliss and Brainpower

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Upper Hands Piano - for older adults
Piano Powered - for adults and teens

What makes Upper Hands Piano unique?

Upper Hands Piano: A Method for Adults 50+ to Spark the Mind, Heart and Soul are piano instruction books for adults over 50. We have applied the latest scientific research on how the brain thinks and learns, to get the older adult student playing the piano as quickly and easily as possible. Our books teach all of the basic triads, 6th and 7th chords in all twelve keys, enabling the student to play both beautiful classical and fun popular music (including "fake book" lead sheets). We use larger notes and fonts, with free instructional videos, brain games, a gentle pace with lots of review and lots of encouragement. Upper Hands Piano is a whole-brain workout that will stimulate your mind, touch your heart, and feed your soul. Scroll down to see our library of songbooks too!

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Upper Hands

...features beginning note reading, rhythm and technique, major, minor, augmented and diminished chords. Students gain skills at a comfortable pace, playing fun, melodic songs and classical themes.


...features easy jazz, blues and folk songs and classical pieces. Book 2 expands diminished and augmented chords, and introduces inversions and chord symbols, using themes from movies. 



...features minor inversions, and 6th, 7th, and sus4 chords that produce a richer, more beautiful sound for popular and jazz songs in "FAKE BOOKS" as well as in classical pieces. 


...features pedaling, improvising, and arpeggios. New time signatures and rhythms increase musical skills and expand the repertoire to include gorgeous melodies from celebrated songs and pieces. 

A Look Inside...



Home: Songs of the Seasons
Upper Hands Piano: Songs of the Seasons, SPRING

Upper Hands Piano: Songs of the Seasons are fun, easy to intermediate arrangements of some of the best

and beloved seasonal songs and pieces to play for yourself, or for friends and family at holiday gatherings.


MR 3 books on dark floor .jpeg

The Music Remedy is a collection of beautiful, melodic songs and pieces for intermediate to advanced  Piano/Guitar/Vocals that use the healing power of music to help restore your emotional balance. Because playing music can be the best medicine. Learn more at  TheMusicRemedy.com

Piano Powered


An innovative new piano method

to power the brain and feed the soul

for teens and adults 

Cognitive science shows that taking music lessons is the very best way to increase brainpower. Because playing the piano is multi-sensory (visual,

aural, tactile, spatial, emotional), it increases the number and vitality of brain cells and neural connections. Playing the piano makes the brain operate better and faster, improves memory and focus, reduces stress and physical pain, and triggers a sense of well-being. Piano Powered uses what we

know about cognitive science to help you learn to play the piano fast while giving your brain the best workout possible.


Both of our 8 Stave

Manuscript Books feature wide music staves, with a bit more space for writing notes, lyrics, counts or fingerings.

They can be used as assignment books, or to create your own music.  

Front Cover v2.jpg


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All books were created and printed in the United States of America



Most music books including the Upper Hands Piano series, need a page holder in order for the book to stay open and flat. The best price I have found is $2.99 HERE. To use, the outer teeth go in front of the page, the inner teeth go inside. 

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