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Write Practice Goals

Written goals strengthen your resolve

Remember when I wrote in the Pledge to Play post that you should focus on small goals during this time period? What would those small goals be? Write down 5-7 goals today that you can work on this month in 10-minute intervals. If all that’s standing between you and your beloved piece is difficulty playing the notes in a few measures, write down, “mastering the fingering in measures  ___ and ___,”  on your list of goals.

Why is it important to commit your goals to writing? Written goals:

  1. Help you to clarify what you want to get out of our 30-day PLEDGE.

  2. Make your commitment real.

  3. Strengthen your resolve. If you are working towards small doable goals, seeing them written down will help you to move past the resistance you may be feeling the minute you commit.

  4. Remind you of what to focus on.

  5. Help you to recognize and celebrate your progress. If your goal was to smooth out the 3rd and 4th measures of the 2nd line of your piece, celebrate when you do!

Imagine yourself playing the way you’d like to play; dreams give birth to transformation. Focused practice produces improvement.  What is one of your goals? How will you manifest it? Thanks for joining our PLAY GROUP!

P.S. Playing more than 10 minutes per day is fine, just don’t burn yourself out by playing for hours some days and not at all on other days. The idea is to play EVERY DAY, so start with small increments of practice and pace yourself!

With love and music, Gaili

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