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Record Yourself!

Yesterday I suggested that you make a list of 5-7 goals for the coming month. Sometimes it is easier to come up with practice goals if you record yourself playing your piece, exercise, song, or movement etc.

If you have an iphone, you can use the “Voice Memos” app, or if you have an old walkman tape recorder, or a dictaphone, take the time to record your playing, while we are still at the beginning of the 30 days.

It can be a little disconcerting hearing yourself on a recording, so keep in mind a few things:

  1. Recordings make the piano sound tinny, so don’t expect a beautiful sound.

  2. This exercise is meant to point out things to work on, so try not to be critical of your playing. Each mistake you make just shows you more clearly what you need to work on! So welcome your mistakes.

  3. You will be nervous when you record, so your playing won’t be at its best. The process of recording is somewhat like performing, so it’s good practice for playing in front of people.

  4. Plan to record yourself again at the end of our PLEDGE, and see the progress you have made!

With love and music, Gaili

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