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Dear Friends:

Though I have been writing my Upper Hands Piano blog posts consistently since 2012, and have been posting free sheet music every month, most of you have not been receiving my posts for months, or even years. I have been trying to figure out why my posts are not being received and have tried every fix I could think of. You can imagine my immense frustration! But now, with the help of a web designer my blog has migrated to this new more stable location:


I'm hoping that this post hasn't landed in your SPAM folder and that you are now going to be receiving my monthly free sheet music and other piano posts regularly! My apologies for the technical difficulties that have kept my posts from you. If only I had studied computer science along with music!

If you are willing, will you please leave a comment below to let me know you have received this post? The site will probably ask for your email but will only display part of it when you sign in. Or you can email me at upperhandspiano@gmail.com to let me know you received this. It feels like my blog will NEVER work again because it has been so elusive getting it to work, so please let me know if it does arrive in your inbox. You can certainly unsubscribe, but please don't mark it as SPAM if you no longer want to receive my posts. i can easily remove you if you request it.

Thanks! I look forward to connecting with you again! With love and music, Gaili
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