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May Free Sheet Music: Voices of Spring

Many springs ago when I got married, my husband and I hired a rock band (made up of many musician friends!) to play dance music at our reception. But before getting whisked away on our honeymoon, I wanted to end the evening with a special piece of dance music. Something for me, personally, to celebrate that I, a shy introvert, managed to make it through the wedding and reception, and could now fully celebrate my union with my new husband. I chose the gorgeous waltz Voices of Spring by the "waltz king," Johann Strauss II. I love this waltz for its exuberant, triumphant style and melody. Dancing to this waltz put a smile on everyone's face and we all left the reception feeling elated!

I have arranged this orchestral piece for early intermediate piano to help lift your spirits and evoke for you the exultant magic of Spring.

[Note: Voices of Spring will only be available for free for 1 year, so print before May 2025!]

Advanced pianists you can print the original piano sheet music adaptation here:

Voices of Spring - Strauss- orig
Download PDF • 1.14MB

Voices of Spring indeed has a voice with lyrics which are also beautiful and celebratory. Here is the first stanza translated from German:

The lark into blue heights escapes, the thawing wind blows so gently;

its delightful mild breath revives and kisses the field, the meadow.

Spring awakes in beautiful splendour, ah, all anguish may have come to an end,

all suffering has fled far away!

Pain becomes milder, happy pictures, Belief in luck returns;

Sunshine, ah, please come in, ah, everything laughs, ah, ah, awake!

I hope you are enjoying the fruits of spring wherever you are (or perhaps it is autumn for you?) and are finding beauty in nature, your relationships, and your music. When life is feeling sad or heavy, I know that I can sit at my piano, and feel so much better as I play my pieces, and get engrossed in the music.

I want to remind you that I give free video piano lessons which follow along with my Upper Hands Piano, BOOK 1, in an online magazine called Sixty and Me. My lessons appear every other Thursday and you can join me any time. And if you haven't already, please check out my piano instruction books and song books on my website or on Amazon. Thanks so much for your purchases that help support my monthly free sheet music giveaways!

Happy May Day, and enjoy the Spring! With love and music, Gaili

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