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January Free Sheet Music: Makin' Whoopee

Updated: Feb 6

Happy New Year!

There are some great new songs that have just entered the public domain, and Makin' Whoopee is, in my opinion, one of the best. Though its lyrics are terribly sexist, and they present an extremely bleak view of marriage, I still think the song is pretty great!

Makin' Whoopee was recorded by Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Cyndi Lauper and Tony Bennett, and there was a huge resurgence of interest in the song when Michelle Pfeiffer provided her steamy rendition in the film, The Fabulous Baker Boys.

I have arranged Makin' Whoopee for you at two levels: late intermediate, and simplified for the late beginner. Remember, when something is written in "swing," the eighth notes are not played evenly; they are played in a long-short jaunty rhythm which you can hear in my demonstrations. Also, note that the treble notes that don't have lyrics under them are to be played softly. They are part of the chords, not part of the melody, so ease up on those notes.

This sheet music will only be available for 1 year, so print today!

Here is a demonstration of Makin' Whoopee, as written:

Advanced pianists can read the sheet music as written, then repeat the top notes of the left hand chords SOFTLY on beats 2 and 4, to add more rhythm. I love to add rhythm to my jazz songs in this way to simulate the sound of a jazz ensemble playing, with bass and drums. Here's a demonstration of how I do it:

If you have been playing the piano for 6 months or more and think you can play in swing rhythm and read the higher notes on the treble staff, here is an arrangement for you:

Makin Whoopee simplified UpperHandsPiano.com.blog
Download PDF • 76KB

I hope you enjoy playing Makin' Whoopee! Sorry for the delay, I have been waiting for PD.info to verify that Makin' Whoopee is indeed in the public domain. Apparently their computer has "crashed" but they wrote to me and assured me that it is PD, and that I can give it away to my lovely piano player friends who have subscribed to this blog.

Do you have any musical goals or intentions for 2024? What pieces are you hoping to play or review? Are there skills you would like to improve? Please leave a comment below in case I can help you learn new skills.

Here's hoping that 2024 will bring renewed peace and harmony to our lives, and that our music will help calm, entertain, brain boost, delight and rejuvenate us. "Another season, another reason" for making music!

With love and music, Gaili

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