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February Free Sheet Music: I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby

Updated: Feb 6

It's February, the month of love and the season for love songs. This year the song I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby came into the public domain! This fun song was recorded by Billie Holliday, Diana Krall, Louis Armstrong, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, and so many other great artists. I have arranged I Can't Give You... for intermediate piano, and I also simplified it for beginners.

(Only available Feb 2024 - January 2025)


The SIMPLIFIED sheet music for LATE BEGINNERS will always be available here:

I Can't Give You Anything But Love simplified
Download PDF • 59KB


Advanced piano players, you can take my free intermediate sheet music and "jazz it up" a little. Notice I often repeat the top note of the left hand chords to add some extra rhythm. I am also a little freer with the right hand notes - sometimes delaying them, sometimes syncopating the rhythms, sometimes playing some notes a half beat early, etc. Watch my demonstration then play around with the rhythms in the right hand and enjoy a jazzier, bouncier rhythm.


How is your practice going? Are you able to get to your keyboard at least a few days per week? You might want to reread my post on Habits and Routines to institute a structure for your practice time. I use a sheet of paper in my planner each week to check off daily the habits I want to maintain or establish such as Cardio Exercise, Weight Training, and Piano Practice. It really helps motivate me, just wanting to check off those little boxes ✅ 😇 ✅

I also want to remind you to think about your posture as you are playing. Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed (pull them down!), wrists horizontal, feet flat on the floor, sit on the front half of your bench with your elbows slightly in front of the midline of your body (move your bench back, you need elbow room!) If you are curving your back to get closer to see your music, you need some new glasses for about a one-and-a-half to two foot distance. Reading glasses don't work for piano playing. Temporarily you can use low numbered reading glasses (1.5 or 2.0 perhaps) but save your eyes by getting prescription lenses set to your piano needs. Optometrists think of these glasses as "computer glasses," as the distance is similar to reading piano sheet music. Measure the distance from your sheet music to your eyes as you sit up straight, before going to your optometrist, and tell the optometrist what your distance number is. This is super important for your healthy posture, healthy eyes and your ability to see and play your music clearly, so please don't wait!

What are you playing this month? Leave a comment and tell us what you are playing and how it's going for you. I sure love to hear from you - writing these posts I often wonder, is anyone reading this? Who is playing my arrangements? Also, your comments help my posts appear in searches, so please, won't you offer us a few words below?

By the way, if you got my Mozart post multiple times last week, I'm so sorry! I'm still learning how to use this new blog site. Technology is not my forte!

Be well, stay cozy, and play your piano. Music makes everything better 😍 With love and music, Gaili


Please visit my website to view the many piano instruction and song books I have written. There is Upper Hands Piano: A Method for Adults 50+ to Spark the Mind, Heart and Soul, BOOKS 1- 4. Then I wrote a companion series for teens and young adults called Piano Powered: An Innovative New Piano Method to Power the Brain and Feed the Soul. For the beginning to intermediate piano player I have written collections of songs and pieces to celebrate the seasons, called: Song of the Seasons. Most recently I put together songbooks for intermediate to advanced piano/guitar/vocals called The Music Remedy: Sheet Music Collections to Retore and Revitalize. Please check them out!

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Replying to

You are so welcome! I hope you enjoy playing the music! - Gaili


Good Afternoon Gaili,

I’m playing your music. We’ve added it to my twice monthly piano lessons. Just added Makin’ Whoopi - what fun. I have your 3 Music Remedy books and have played, as part of my lesson, What’ll I Do, You Made Me Love You, Somewhere Out There, It Had To Be You, Gymnopedie, In My Room and am currently playing Ready for Love (which my piano friend/instructor would like me to play at her spring recital - however - being I’m 76 and her students are school age children, I’m quite reluctant)😂I’m also working on Kuhlau’s Sonatina and the 1st page of First Arabesque to learn the 3 on 2 rhythm pattern. I classify myself as a “For…

Replying to

Cathy this is wonderful to hear! Thanks so much for your support! You are playing a lot of great music, good for you! You will enjoy playing Rhapsody in Blue, just play a little at a time. Good luck! Gaili


Hi Gaili,

I always look forward to your posts and learning to play your arrangements. This month we are in a vacation condo in Southern California, and I am thrilled that it has a piano. However, it is so much louder than my keyboard at home which has a volume control. So I am working on playing softly so as not to disturb the neighbors--quite the challenge because I sometimes miss a note when I don't press hard enough.

Kathy from Seattle

Replying to

Welcome to So Cal Kathy! Try holding down the left pedal (it makes the keys softer) while you play. Hopefully that pedal will dampen all the keys as it should. I use mine when I'm playing later in the evening and it helps a lot. Sorry about all the rain we're having but it should ease up soon. Thanks for your comment! Best, Gaili

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