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Great New Finger Exercise


Today I want to show you a new exercise I have adapted from an exercise by Theodore Leschetizky [lesh-uh–tit-skee]. Leschetizky (22 June 1830 – 14 November 1915) was a polish pianist and composer, and a well-known piano teacher. He had studied with Carl Czerny, who had in turn studied with Ludwig van Beethoven. Leschetizky was famous for saying:

No art without life, no life without art.

Leschetizky taught that in order to create a beautiful sound on the piano, you must study your music thoroughly and gain control of your fingers through exercise.  His finger exercise isn’t easy but it’s fun to play and yields great results. Click here to view my demonstration video:

Thanks for watching!

With love and music, Gaili

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