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Upper Hands Piano: Songs of the Seasons, SPRING

Dear Friends:  We are SO pleased to announce…

Songs of the Seasons: SPRING

Upper Hands Piano: Songs of the Seasons, SPRING is now available on Amazon.com! Classical pieces include Vivaldi’s Spring, Bach’s Sleepers Wake, and Mendelssohn’s Spring Song. Holiday songs include Dayenu (Passover), De Colores (Cinco de Mayo), Battle Hymn of the Republic (Memorial Day), A Tisket A Tasket (Easter) and fun songs for Mother’s and Father’s Day. Popular songs include April Showers, Glow Worm, The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring, and Scott Joplin’s Silver Swan Rag.

As with our Songs of the Seasons,  Winter and Autumn books, we have suggested some musical goals In the back of the SPRING book. Here is an excerpt:

Goals for Spring: Focus On Chords: Focus on reviewing all of the basic chords this spring. Chords are the foundation of all music (with the exception of atonal pieces). If you were to analyze your pieces, both classical and popular, you would find chords in every measure. Review the major triads in all 12 keys. Then minor, diminished, and augmented triads. Next play all of the major triads in 1st inversion. When you know the 1st inversions well, review 2nd inversions. If you have gotten as far asUpper Hands Piano, Book 3, review 6ths, 7ths and major 7ths in every key. Having instant familiarity with your chords will help you to be able to identify them in music, which will enable you to learn your pieces deeper, better and faster. To learn more about chords, search for “chords” at blog.UpperHandsPiano.com Maintain Balance: March 20th is the spring equinox, when night and day are equal in length. It’s a great time to think about bringing balance into your life; eating healthy along with enjoying a few treats, exercising your body along with stimulating your mind and relaxing at the piano. There are many ways to consider balance in your musical studies. Think about your posture: The ideal posture is a straight back that pivots from your derrière, with relaxed shoulders and feet flat on the floor. Piano players strive for dynamic balance, which is the ability to play one hand softer or louder than the other, as needed. Search for “The Art Of Balance” at blog.UpperHandsPiano.com to watch our Youtube video demonstrating exercises to help you increase dynamic balance.

Upper Hands Piano, BOOK 4

As always, thanks so much for your support! Now we are back to finishing our piano method series, with Upper Hands Piano, BOOK 4. When BOOK 4 is completed, I hope to get back to weekly blogging about issues related to piano lessons for adults 50+. I miss writing my blog posts and hearing your observations, ideas and concerns!

I am seeing the first blossoms and blooms and enjoying birdsong here in Los Angeles. Don’t you just love the first blooms?!


May you enjoy the renewal of spring!

With love and music, Gaili

PS – All Upper Hands Piano books are available on Amazon! Or check them out on our website. Thanks!

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