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Learning Ledger Lines- free worksheets

It’s the month of love, and to express my appreciation for my subscribers I wanted to give you some worksheets to help you practice reading ledger lines. Keep the originals and print copies so that you can keep practicing playing the notes, writing the notes, and reading the notes (out loud), forward and backward! Because beginner and intermediate pianists don’t see ledger line notes as often, we don’t get as much practice playing them, so that when they appear now and then, we get stuck. The more you practice the notes on these worksheets, the faster you’ll get at reading them in your songs and pieces. Keep them handy so that if you have 5 minutes here or there, you can play through a few lines.

Click on each worksheet below, then you will need to click a 2nd time to print each page. Hopefully everyone will be able to print these sheets, but if your computer won’t let you, email me at upperhandspiano@gmail.com and I will email them to you next week (I’m leaving town today for a few days!)

Treble Ledger Line Reading Drill

Bass Ledger Line Reading Drill

Treble Ledger Line Writing Drill

Bass Ledger Line Writing Drill

Low Bass Ledger Lines Reading

Many thanks for following, I hope you find these worksheets helpful. With lots of love, appreciation, and admiration for your courage in learning to play the piano! Gaili

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