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7 Moving Pieces (For Anger)


Why would we want to listen to angry music? When we’re feeling mad we want to connect with something that matches our mood. Sometimes we need to hold onto our anger until we’re ready to let it go. Rather than over- eating, drinking or yelling, we might turn to music. Listening to angry music can have a cathartic effect. It can help us to express then release the dark feelings within us to make them more manageable. Here are 7 pieces to fit our fury:

1) O Fortuna (From Carmina Burana, By Carl Orff)

2) Prelude in C# minor (By Sergei Rachmaninoff)

3) Symphony No. 5 (By Ludwig van Beethoven)

4) Presto (From Summer, By Antonio Vivaldi)

5) Hit The Road Jack (By Percy Mayfield)

6) Paint It Black (By The Rolling Stones)

7) Respect (By Otis Redding)

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With love and music, Gaili

P.S. I’ve been choosing Youtube videos that don’t have advertisements. However when I go back to check the links, I’m seeing that advertisements do pop up randomly. I’m sorry about that! I guess many videos include intermittent advertisements that I can’t see.

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