Upper Hands Piano: 
A Method for ADULTS 50+ to SPARK the Mind, Heart and Soul

Welcome to Upper Hands Piano!
Hi! I'm Gaili Schoen and I have written a series of piano method books to help you
 learn (or relearn) to play classical,
 folk, rock, show tunes and
 great old standards, while exercising your brain!
 Using the most current scientific researchUpper Hands Piano will have
you playing as quickly and easily as possible. And it's fun!


BOOK 3 available at Amazon on May 1st! 
Book 3 will feature 6th, 7th and major 7th chords 
plus lots of musical mind games to boost brain power. 
Thanks for your support!
-Gaili Schoen and Melinda Bateman
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...is a beginning piano method 
that applies the latest 
information about how 
adults 50+ learn, to get you
playing the piano as quickly
and easily as possible.
Upper Hands Piano

    •   mnemonics 
    •   brain games 
    •   review 
    •   larger type and notes 
    •   great songs and pieces
    •   lots of support! 

Click to view on Amazon.com
...features great new jazz and blues standards, folk songs, 
and classical pieces,

all of which will sound more full and rich with new chords and increased expression. BOOK 2 features the same brain boosters you enjoyed in BOOK 1;

      •   mnemonics 
      •   brain games 
      •   novelty 
      •   review 
      •   larger type and notes 
      •   lots of support!  

Why do Adults 50+ take piano lessons?

  • For brain health 
  • Because they've always wanted to play, and finally have time
  • Because they played as a child and are longing to play again
  • Because they LOVE music and want to be a part of it
  • To do something artistic
  • To meet new people
  • To play for themselves 
  • To be able to play with a child, grandchild or friend
  • To be able to accompany themselves while singing
  • Because piano lessons are fun and rewarding!

It's never too late to take piano lessons!